2016 Fashion Trends ON POINT

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Day 336 (12.01.16)

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➤ I encourage and open to any questions and/or constructive criticism that can help me improve my channel and videos!! 😀

Filmed On: Sony rx100miii (Mark3) / dsc-rx100iii, Canon Vixia Mini x, Olympus Tough TG-810

I’m a daily vlogger from Sydney, Australia. I enjoy food, traveling, making videos, editing videos, cruising along life with family and friends and keeping my daily adventures and memories alive with these vlogs. Thank you guys for your support on the daily vlogs, I appreciate all the respectful and encouraging comments and amazing subscribers!!

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Ghost0323 says:

Funny but true statement, "chicken brings family together" don't know why but it is true with my family. lol

Redemption says:

Yo Jen. 🤗 Congrats, channel is growing steady brah. Keeeen for the UWS vids. What are you studying?

Some advice (ignore if you please😁) : I think the reason you're always "tired" is because you've been sitting too close to the laptop. From personal experience, I know that sitting close to laptop screens for extended periods will cause me to have VERY tired eyes and general fatigue. Maximise the distance between your eyes and screens. Just my 2c. 👍

Cyran Vergara says:

great vlog urr amazing!!!

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