2015 Fashion Trends for Men

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Want to know where the menswear trends are heading for 2015? In this episode of Style Tips for the Everyday Guy by Cladwell, Chris and Eric dive into the 2015 fashion trends every man needs to know.

What’s cool? What’s not? What’s coming? What’s staying? We answer your questions and show you some of the looks that will help you look great and feel awesome in 2015.



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Jose Reyes says:

too much blah blah

Walker Flores says:

I'm seeing a lot of trench coats and shooting jackets also, along with more elegant knitwear. Not so much the graphic tees unless your talking super casual but then that applies to any time period. Also dual function workout wear like lululemon who design workout clothes that also look good just wearing around town is seeming to be growing in popularity, at least where I live (ATL). Dark sneakers and darker boots of course are also seeking to come around largely. And I'm seeing a lot of olive pants and army khaki pants (I'm a fan) and more distressed denim seems to be making a come back (meh). Just my two cents! Enjoyed the vid otherwise

Mike Hagstrom says:

What brand are the jeans shown in the 'work wear' part of the video?

The Snazzy Man says:

Hey! Thanks for those fabulous style tips! I run a bit of a fashion setup too and if you navigate to my channel you can get a good look at all things I consider Snazzy!

Aftaan A says:

Bland, boring.

Andrew Chunis says:

Thanks for  the information. 

Patrick Pham says:

Thanks so much! God bless to all! <3

Ian Myers says:

is there any specific way chinos are supposed to lie i.e slim fit, relaxed, etc. because I've been looking into them and i was curious whats best?

Jordan Pearson says:

Wow so u guys seem very knowledgeable plus the guy in the crewneck his glasses are awsome plus fashion is my life and now i can really keep up with every trend ??

jackthayer says:

The sad thing about mens fashion is that it's always the same conversative shit recycled i mean even mens shoes are similiar i believe that men should be free to express themselves through their clothes without being labeled feminine i mean even small things can ad something new to a classic outfit for example if i'm feeling bold and ready to conquor the world i wear this one shirt from afflection that's beige with a black bird and above it in metalic letters it says royality with a black open hooded vest lightish blue jeans with very minor cuts some mediumish boots two necklaces one leather fingerless glove and several braceletes on another arm u know rather than the usual graphic tee or plaid and some sneakers :/

62steevo says:

Did he say pacificly ?  grrr

SHAD3Y1331 says:

In actually trying to stay away from graphic tees this year. It was almost all I wore for a couple years. I want to try blazers and possibly chinos since I've never worn them. 

Neeraj Trehan says:

Wont it be better if more focus in videos is upon the attire than on the anchors?

Josh Marshall says:

If you ask me… Warning: personal oppinion approaching! Trends are in the same rite applicable, and forgetable. Let's face it, style trends are, for the most part cyclical. The falling apart, giant safety pin holing together, skin tight jeans of the punk age, will come back, we see it in the skinny Jean trend, to a point. And the giagantic shoulderpad, ambiguous "fashion" of the 80's will make it's way into the mainstream again (though, I hope no-one actually wishes it does!). My point is "trends" mean very little. Myself, I look at what my grandfathers would wear, and I emulate their style in today's threads. True style is ageless, trends are fleeting!

Malaquias Alfaro says:

I don't follow trends. We might think it looks good now but I've looked back on when j followed trends and laughed at my self

Tyler Dube says:

Chris, where can I find some good Americana gear like that sweatshirt you're wearing?

christian trejo says:

Keep up the good work! Really loving these podcast.

Cladwell says:

What are the 2015 menswear trends you should know about? Find out in this week's Style Tips for the Everyday Guy by Cladwell!

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