2014.09.04–Nelson,Puppet Master-Jacobsen,Billy vs Hurdman,Darin-Weinbach,Dave-MOD-1_32 final(Losers)

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Pickleball Tournament of Champions (USAPA sanction) September 3-6, 2014 Ogden, UT, USA ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2014.09.04 – MOD -Men Open Doubles (M…

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Paul Iezzi says:

There is a point that starts at 13:20 and ends 1min. 16 sec. later at 14:36,
which involves 71 hits. That is the longest I’ve ever witnessed. Kudos!

Marcus Luke says:

Yawn! And to visual virtue, are you kidding? I’m guessing you spend quite a
bit of time on the sidelines, watching.

visualvirtue says:

At 17 min. and 14 sec. guy wearing blue was in kitchen and should have been
called on it. You must have BOTH feet planted outside the non-volley zone
when leaving the NVZ and before hitting ball. Also, in pausing, his foot
looks to be on the line when he strikes the ball.

edgly28 says:

Watched it five times. Definite foot fault. The player was headed directly
at the referee,so the ref could not get an authoritative view. Also, there
was no designated NVZ ref. We know that a player cannot step into the NVZ
and hit the ball; and also a player cannot land in the NVZ after hitting
the ball. So, if his foot touched down in the NVZ, it’s a fault. 

visualvirtue says:


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