1950’s Fashion – The Designers

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http://glamourdaze.blogspot.com/ and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Rare archive fashion and beauty film of the top five designers of the 1950’s.Coco Chanel,…

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Nancy Cardona says:

im obessed with watching these old archives, im so glad im not the only one. I love what the 1940’s to the 1960’s fashion! i love how it was classic, and so timeless a lot of those gowns can be worn today!

spaceanduniverse27 says:

Dear Fashion Industry, if you are listening out there please bring back this classy look again!!!! Thank you!

princessB N says:

Love Christian Dior and Coco Chanel!..

princessB N says:

Nice :)

Piotr Dziembowski says:

mam tak samo

YumYumFashion says:

Ditto, it was a fantastic time in fashion classics!

theslimbelly says:

I love this era!

Dreambro1 says:

lol, I know… today the look seems to be cheap skank.

jazzy6307 says:

Your body parts couldn’t even move! The girdles and bras were armour-plated! I remember my Mum wearing them.

thebshowFIN says:

:o) actually we can.

lullabell1976 says:

It’s official. I’m drooling over these dresses. I was born tooooo late. Thank goodness for the internet and other sources for clothes like these where you can buy dresses where sex appeal is equated with glamour instead of cleavage. I especially liked Jaques Fath.


La diferencia del tiempo antes las mujeres se areglaban tan bonitas siempre con trajes ropa tan bonita colores brillates siempre maquilladas, Ahora solo usamos pantalones nos vestimos sin importar nuestra apariencia,Pienso una puede areglarse muy bonita no para lucir a nadie pero hacerlo para nosotras mismas,Tambien usar un perfume de marca costoso,Pues no me queda otro remedio necesito usar perfume costoso por que tomo alergia a los regulares, Bueno cuando rebaje me empesare a reglar mejor,

sebastian sartorialissimo says:

The Cristobal Balenciaga part was so lame. NOT a good enough retrospective of his work.

Kimberly Bradfield says:

thank you this helped as my sister is doing 1950s fashion

Karen Bright says:

I love it!!

willec49 says:

Over 60 years and Chanel hasn’t changed much at all.

FaerieCrone says:

Yes you can. You can wear whatever you want.

FaerieCrone says:

and you’re probably wearing something that has been revived from the Seventies?

kipkayify says:

I know =/. There are many 50s inspired clothes out on the internet but they are VERY expensive. It’s a shame, these styles are cut specifically for women and to enhance their bodies to make them look even more beautiful, unlike today where people equate feminine beauty with all you breasts and butt falling out of your clothes! They show just the right amount of skin – and still leave something to the imagination. The 50s proved that women can be classy and sexy. It really is a shame..

21vikija says:

love thies dress 0:14, love both 0:26, 0:58, 1:18, love from coco chanel

cupcake7015 says:

eww old ppl clothes

ToniBreland says:

@CrysnMakeup, precisely my thoughts!

ToniBreland says:

(if you’re still connected to this post): Why can’t you dress this way anymore? If a style is flattering and appealing, graceful and aesthetic, you’d be courageous and classy to wear it no matter the era.

Jasmin Miserables says:

the 4th one is beautiful!!!

highheels25 says:

I love the dress the sexy chicks are wearing

Christine Szajko says:

Why can’t you?

mdolivetti says:

A followup article was about lowcost Paris fashion copies, by US designers, in another Life magazine some weeks or months after this Sept 1954 issue. It talks about ladies can buy very similar fashions and cheaper. One of the dresses was almost same as polkadot Dior dress in this video, with different neckline and almost the same (appears taffeta as well).

mdolivetti says:

About second dress, my favorite! (Dior), Sept 6, 1954 Life magazine has an article, “Despite Dior, the Shape Stays Shapely After All” with a fabulous full size color photo of lady in the fantastic polkadot dress (and she presents it with such confidence). Love how the skirt drapes so perfectly, a good choice of material (probably cannot find such nowadays). And long gloves make combination so sexy.

Anyone know where to buy polkadot taffeta? I can’t find it anywhere (stores or internet)!

jenn christensen says:

art timeless and would look great any of those suits today

jenn christensen says:

how fabulous that the chanel clothes

ensemblist says:

I’m a designer, and you can still dress like this. Its a personal choice. You can wear vintage or have a designer create it or have seamstress replicate it. And you can wear it anywhere you like. Just because everyone else is casual doenst me you must too…. 🙂

Brinah says:

I like the first dress! Ow mama!

Parker Brock says:

What is the music in the background? P.S… The second dress is the best…


the last Jacques Fath outfit was gorgeous <3

farozon says:

Balenciaga is my favorite of that era. Stunning!

Retro YouTube Videos says:

Beautiful and elegant. Thank you for uploading this great video.

TheAnastasiaLee says:

We can too dress like this. If everyone who looks at these videos, from the 1920s,1930,1940s, and 1950s, it is bound to catch on. I mean, a designer somewhere would see you walking down a street or something, and if one of your friends asks you why you are dressed so strangely, just say, “It’s the latest thing my dear.”
~Anastasia Lee~

tewa99 says:

Love this song. How can i search for more?

kitzlaihel says:

What about organising a 1950’s party?
My mates had a 1970’s one & grew sideburns and everything.

MaximilianMontesa says:

0:07 I <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Idoljunky32 says:

Absolutely elegant!! I love the third dress in the beginning!! Too bad these styles can’t make a comeback!!! But as I think about it, there are only a few of us out there that truly appreciate the styles of yesteryear. I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear any of these dresses out in public! Great upload!

maniandpink says:

Totally know what you mean! Going to school on the bus every day in full crinoline would not be very practical. Unfortunately… Wish it were. I don’t know how they did it. But they did it wonderfully.

juliagoolia72 says:

I love the twirling smoker! Cigarette as fashion accessory!

ffagffah says:

M. Balmain looks downright old-fashioned compared to Dior and Chanel.

lillagah says:

oh, for a fifties ball gown. and someplace to wear it!

maniandpink says:

Who says we can’t?!?! True, most people don’t, but the 50’s silhouette is making a HUGE come-back in fashion. And even if it weren’t, I’d still wear my crinoline!

Msbbopalula says:

Loved the Balenciaga dress…..beautiful!

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