150128 Jessica Jung interview – ontv

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Hong Kong x Google Glass event at Lane Crawford.

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Maddie Jung says:

she looks so sad whenever someone brings up SNSD 🙁 they don’t ask the
other members about Jessica so they shouldn’t ask Jess about the other
girls it must still be hard for her. 

Raye Ann Abante says:

HAHAHAHA I love how she’s gotten a lot more real with her answers now that
she isn’t held back my SM’s censoring techniques, even if it sounds kinda
bitchy and sassy. At least she’s being real and being herself, and I’m
proud of her for that. The reporters were going too far anyway, asking her
questions that obviously pissed her off and made her uncomfortable.
Besides, we all know the girl is shy as hell and that Chinese media can be
very… difficult. I’m proud of her for handling them so well yet still
maintaining an exceptional relationship with her fans because she knows
they’re the ones who really love her for who she is and she knows they’re
the ones who helped her get where she is today. Jessica is on a roll and I
really think this will be the year she proves to everybody that she’s
perfectly fine by herself and doesn’t need anyone to hold her back from
success. All hail queen Sica! 

hitmantwfuhk21997 says:

this girl ” Yuri ” who so called my friend n also my teammate but she
betrayed n set me up than kicked me out from the famous group in the world
without mercy, than u people expect me- Sica to meet her with smiling face
n say: how’re u doing? Yuri, my dear, damn ! this’s the dumbest question
that i have never hear, stupid fools, all of u !

Midori Hisakawa says:

I love how she handles all her recent interviews. I think they show very
well how fabricated Sica’s “idol persona” was, but now we can get a glimpse
of the “real Jessica Jung”. She is intelligent, witty and sassy while
answering questions and I LOVE THAT!!! *my sassy princess*

alchimdemet says:

But I thought the reporter would be a male since she said “maybe you’re
jealous” omg lol that makes it sound even more rude but Chinese medias be
paying for their rudeness in the 1rst place #GoSica 

Fatima Moon says:

pffft as if, i’m pretty sure they met when yuri went to hongkong. her body
language said it all.

Tiffany Ava says:

When she was asked about whether she has any intentions of meeting up with
her, it was honestly so confusing so many people talking at once, Sica was
like “What what what? I can’t hear” haha. I didn’t even catch up on what
the reporters said during that part, except for together and gathering. But
anyways its nice to see her doing well, I support both so its all good <3 

coyotito bandito says:

The way she responds when asked about Girls Generation Yuri.. Hurts me..

ji3g4egg | 歡迎推薦好歌翻譯♩ says:

Even Kara had two members left out the groups
they still contacting to each other
While Nicole and Jiyoung has another dream about their future
other members still support them
then Why there’s no any member of GG comes out to support sica??
Were they ever be sisters??or all those were fake? Im really sad so so so
sad 🙁
I will support sica forever.

leovjongin says:

THE SHADE! xD Go on Sica!

lesley lai says:

I cry:,) But I love how she’s such a sass now without having to be held
back by SM:) 

Dramaqueen says:

I really love her englishhhh!! In SNSD everything is about Tiffany’s

oreez says:

Jessica once said in an interview that half of the group want her out.. I
can only think of three members that didn’t vote her out.. first is Yoona
who I think is the closest to her, second is Sohyeon since she’s always
been the kindest and lastly Sooyoung who may be a troll at times, but I can
tell that she’s not the kind of person who would mean to hurt someone, esp
a friend.
Oh well, I bet they will meet again soon in an award show once Jessica and
the rest of the GG made a comeback. There might be a chance there for us to
find out who remained friends with her. Of course, it’ll only be possible
if each album became successful enough to be nominated, ayt? Ya’ all know
what to do.

GG2K7AU05 says:

I love how these nasty cruel HK paparazzies are crippled by English.

Lessa Robinson says:

Can someone type up the conversation? I can’t understand the reporter…
Only Jessica saying “Maybe you’re jealous”

Kaizer_22 says:

haha I love jessica’s bold sarcastic humor, it’s one of the things she can
freely slay now. 

purplecrayon4687 says:

So it’s come to this.. I always hoped they would disband formally on good
terms with each other. Oh well, it is what it is.
I hope all 9 will have a great year in whatever they decide to pursue 

Jung SooYeon says:

The way she answers about Yuri, it seems like she doesn’t really know. My
Yulsic ! :(

Mench Ardauc says:

So witty and smart answer..that’s why i love you Jesicca Jung

noodle 洪 says:

love and support Girls’ Generation and Jessica Jung forever!! please trust
them if you really love them!! I believe they will meet again one day❤

o anii o says:

I bet she feels so intimidated standing in front of all those reporters by

mia alexis says:

Someone please make a meme of jessica when she say “maybe you’re jealous’.

hitmantwfuhk21997 says:

i had worked so hard so many years for this ” SM ” n this ” SNSD ”
whatever, but from now on, don’t ask me anything about these two shits,
otherwise i will slam ur face right away, why? becoz Jessica said so !

Jannel Serrato says:

I MISS JESSICA 🙁 i hate when people hate on her and how she is. Jessica
must really miss the her members. i can see that Jessica is in a lot of

ItMustBeSomething says:

First things first she’s the REALEST! hahahah maybe you’re jealous!?

Seaweed Panda says:

It still hurts whenever I’m reminded of the fact that Jessica was kicked
out and all. But whatever the real truth is, we’ll never know. We’ll never
see things the way our 9 girls see them. But all we can do is to continue
to love and support them. As a fan, I’m happy to see that both sides are
doing well and I sincerely wish happiness for them.

Also, it’s refreshing to see this side of Jessica since we all know what SM
can do but she’s still under SM so whatever idk but the sass in her is
overflowing. I love it.

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