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SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 GIVEAWAY – http://bit.ly/3ThUlOp
Win Apple AirPods!
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GET IT HERE: https://ca.louisvuitton.com/eng-ca/men/accessories/earphones/_/N-opo55k

Checking out the new Louis Vuitton Horizon Monogram wireless headphones vs the Apple AirPods!

Comment “broke” if you see this!

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Business Inquiries – JTechApple@gmail.com

Justin Tse
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Andrew Gonzalez says:

Even if I had the money, I would never buy those 😂 hopefully I get those amazing airpods, love that original apple logo wrap

Sallmir Cakss says:

One of my best phones probably

Zach Figueroa says:

Get sony nwz-ws613s, better quality than airpods and cheaper too plus theyre waterproof


I’m goner maybe bey air pods or them you are showing on your video

cooked peas says:

Apple: I dont speak broke

Samsung: I dont speak broker

Louis Vuitton:I dont speak brokest

Credits to midnightice for that comment

Celine Carpet says:

aesthetic channel! Keep it

The cool Gamer25 says:

How to call AirPod users broke:Buy these

oge moril says:

Bro i love you im 11 ive watched you scence i was 6 please i need the bro your the best im your #1 fan please please i bag you

Shemar Williams says:

AirPods is the “talking on the phone” essential.

On Smart says:

Oh really really good and look at this

NiTESkYKu _27Vert says:

AirPods are good asf, lucky I got them like 6 months ago and they still good

Joost says:

I can't imagine i'm the only one who finds this really bad: that amount of money and not even a power adapter!!

mariejuyj8jyhjunh6h lafortune says:

I really love airpods

mariejuyj8jyhjunh6h lafortune says:

I really love earpods

kunwar harshit says:

Airpods ❤️❤️

Melia says:

Smells like broke in here oof

Jalen Menard says:

I wish I cloud have air pods

itsyaboy ap says:

My dick hurts

Fei Vay Vern says:

Pretty cool earpods concept so legitimate.💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕

RITS Stevens says:


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