$135 CHANEL FOUNDATION… Is It Jeffree Star Approved??

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JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL… Today I’m reviewing the new CHANEL ‘Sublimage Le Teint’ Foundation! The retail price is $135! Probably one of the most expensive foundations I’ve ever reviewed and I was very skeptical when trying it because that price point is INSANE!!! Now I LOVE me some Chanel beauty products but was it worth the hype??? WATCH and see if it’s Jeffree Star Approved!

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Rainbow DASH says:

Why is it that the only thing that's changed about him besides the fact that he got a but tanner

Kaja Skyberg says:

You should do a review on Dimensions de Chanel.

Diana Kratz says:

For some reason it feels like he is not feeling this foundation, and he was told to approve it

Ana Hutchins says:

I'm still catching up and watching older videos!!💕✨y
LOVE this product! When I tried it I was like, whoa, this is like new skinyY! It literally looked and felt as if I had a skin transplant ! LOL!!!

Maiken Harris says:

Please Jeffree let me win the Gucci print bag @floraharris_ Instagram

Rabia says:

Yes bc I’d spent $135 on a foundation I’ll wear to the grocery store.

JamiiexKawaii says:

I live for that “GURRRLLLL BYE”

Downic10 says:

I love the whole sublimage collection from channel. I have every sublimage product. I also have used le blanc and le firm skin care routine. Chanel never disappoints.

Thora F says:

It looks real good girrl, love it beautiful light, natural coverage, but too expensive for me I'm a dollar stor cosmetics bitch after all.

megan oneill says:

I am obsessed with you! There is no one alive like you. Keep it up!

beryl crust says:

beryl crust@jeffreestar the Chanel vita aqua lumiere is a fantastic alternative sans diamond dust. Same dewy medium/light perfection for $45. GORL.

David Jin says:

Hey Jeffree,, can you please review the la mer foundation? i’m currently using the foundation and i want to get your opinion on it and the brush too,, luv u much xoxo

Skygazer says:

Chanel No 5 perfume is the one thing I do treat myself to. Love it but the makeup is something that is far too expensive for me, I just could not justify spending that amount of money on a foundation. I use Revlon Youth Fix and it only costs around £8 and it looks fantastic and stays on all day. Would definitely recommend it! give it a try Jeffreestar lol

paoyong goh says:

Hi jeffree can u try the marc jacob coconut primer n also the remarkable foundation?tq

Agrima Chopra says:

"If you don't like this look then…..what can I do?" 😂😂

Yasmine Vertilus says:

your cheek bones give me liiiiiiife

Camille Lucinda says:

Chanel in the UK can be found for £28.05 to £34.00.
But you can get Chanel sublimage le teint ultimate radiance for £88.20, I think it comes with a tiny little brush but no thank you.
I'd rather stick to my Bare Minerals liquid serum foundation or my Esteè lauder double wear foundation (in that order).
I would like to thank you Jeffree for putting your money into these items, knowing that some of us would love to know what these products are like without being disappointed and wasting money.
Here in the UK once you buy makeup you can't refund it, just like lingerie…….gutting.

Chevy Peck says:

Honestly, i watch your videos for hours. Your makeup is always slayin !! I always do my makeup after i watch your videos. Youre such an inspiration. I cant express how much i appreciate your honesty on every single product you use and review. I inspire to be as good as you one day! Youre my favorite mua jeffree ! Been a fan for years. Thanks for being so amazing and honest with your reviews.

koolaid daddy says:

It looks like BB cream 😭

koolaid daddy says:

I'm honestly really disappointed by Chanel's makeup line. This was really sheer and the liquid lipsticks didn't dry and were streaky. If I'm paying $135 for a foundation it should be better than my $7 drugstore one.

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