❤ Louis Vuitton Eva Unboxing/Review

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I’m such a purse-a-holic! Hope this review/unboxing was helpful. Click to see photos: http://www.kaylalashae.com/fashion/louis-vuitton-eva-unboxingreview.php…

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latestfascination says:

this video made me want to buy it with the little key thing matching xD

fa timdon says:

Love this bag! Thank you for the review!

xChicbeauty says:

I need to purchase this clutch! It is so lovely

lipglossbycehlstyles says:

love your video…i also love lv a lot 🙂

leiya007 says:

I love how people complain about someone buying an expensive purse that will last them a LIFE TIME while they’ll go spend $500 on a phone every year. Love this bag girl!

ejarima says:

love this bag

ilovejuicyxoxo says:

you have such cute bags and i love the look of the LVs but i’m not much of a brown purse person. i don’t have any myself but would like one someday, do they have other colors?

Grace Gao says:

getting this bag in 2 months! im worried about the strap though

Vindicated15 says:

I really want this but I wish the strap was longer! I’m only 5’0 🙁

tootsieroll3132 says:

Wow, that is a cute bag! And I am really loving your channel!

LoveCreative01 says:

Maybe someday, at least a gal can always have them on her wishlist. One thing I despise about Chanel’s website, is Louis Vuitton has prices on the website so you know what you’re paying, but Chanel doesn’t. I’ve always wanted to know with the particular bag I like from Chanel, how much it is.

LoveCreative01 says:

The first high-end designer bag I was into was Louis Vuitton, however, I’m saddened to say that the one I own is not real. If I could own just two high-end designer bags and they were all I ever had, they would be Louis Vuitton, the Speedy 35, it’s the one I’ve been eying, and a Coco Chanel handbag. As for Coco Chanel, it would be the Classic Large Shopping Tote, but the one I’ve really liked for years, the handles are different than what is pictured on the website currently. 🙂

MSpanders10 says:

Love your review and your excitement! 

Gigi Larsen says:

I was wondering if you could make a video showing/reviewing al of your bags? Or just the ones you like the most(:

kipperskeet says:

is it rude to ask how you afford louis vuitton? sorry! im not sure what your job is or whatever and you seem so young! 😛

fashionfunbeauty says:


meenamygapu123 says:

Pls let me know the price?

zziggy808 says:

i want your hair…I mean we already have the same name. (wow u probably think im crazy)

akaydoll says:

Yes hehehe

michyyy says:

is that the jlo comforter?

akaydoll says:

Im pretty sure they sell some. 🙂 It would cost more though.

Jadyn Kennedi says:

Do they sell other (shorter) straps for it??? Please reply.

920roxy says:

Awsome vedio

improxyble says:

Wow this is a gorgeous purse! Love it Kayla!

akaydoll says:

Thank you for watching!! :)

emily north says:

this was such a good review!

Butterbabies1001 says:

dang expensive lolol.

Tiffany Styles says:

how much did you get it?

hopetherespudding says:

you should do an entire LV review (the bags that you have from them and the bags that you want from them etc)

NMUSIC88 says:

Definitely want the Eva in the damier azur canvas.

swagger101lolz says:

u have great taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arezu M says:

I have the damier azure eva clutch! and mine came in a small flatter box

akaydoll says:

LOL thanks!

cinderella22291 says:

i am a purseaholic too.god the eva clutch this september in damier ebene.: )can you do a handbag collection video?

akaydoll says:

I wear it cross body!

LayCeeKay says:

Your bangs look fucking amazing

BeautyByClaire12 says:

What style do you wear it the most?

ellabella409 says:

How many Louis Vuitton bags do you have?

vivalabeauty0x says:

how much was the coin purse? please answer I want to get it:)

Akoika Lozano says:

As always, you are such a good speaker. Very precised. Thanks Kayla

ArielBTF1 says:

i want to buy this bag now because of you kayla! i dont really carry a whole bunch of stuff with me sometimes so i think it is so perfect! <3

infinityhope26 says:

<3 this!

deathlydivine says:

Your hair!!!!!! I love it :)

akaydoll says:

I have skills LOL

tjsierratj says:

10 minutes exactly!

HenleyGee says:

You are so adorable! Love your videos. 🙂 <3

MELmodelesque says:

your hair!!!!! love it sn:: there is a purse-a-holic tag going around on YT

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