♦ Christian Dior Haute Couture | Spring/Summer 2007 ♦

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Captain Pinkerton’s tragic affair with Cio-Cio San (Madame Butterfly) was the jumping-point for this 2007 Spring/Summer Dior collection – one of the most ela…

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Adziim Khaidir says:

can u reupload this in hd 😕

LotusReach says:

Breathtaking in its utter genius, brilliance and beauty.

soued says:

My absolute pleasure. Cheers!

Acacia López says:

Thank you so much soued for the video. 🙂

Acacia López says:

This is a true haute couture collection – not the ridiculous last one by Raf Simons. Galliano PLEASE! Come back!

soued says:

My pleasure.

cleopatrehoney says:

thank you so much !!!!

miltsar says:


amoledtic says:

what’s music in finale

Daniel Ockerby says:

a few of the dresses from this collection are ranked as some of the most expensive dresses ever made.

aftertonight says:

That Child, This Child – Yoshikazu Mera & Natsuko Uchiyama


Only Galliano could work the material so beautifully <3 and I love the details. This is pure art

Valentín Jara says:

The most beautifull thing ever, you’re a genius Galliano .

holic Go says:

also want to know what is the song that comes on 18:59

mineu100 says:

what is the song that comes on 18:59

Odette Valmont says:


cyril benavides says:

OMG! raf just taking references on galliano’s work then edit it, make it undone and his fall 2013 collections will be totally like this.. i can see that the real fashion can wear this clothes.. raf is very commercial.. comfort first and never mind fashion.. come to think of the brainwashing.. i’d rather be a hedi slimane fan than raf..

iheartchoo2 says:

Absolutely heart breaking that they let Galliano go. Big mistake Dior.

gilberto lana says:

john galliano jamais deveria ter saido da dior …… ele e a representacao de tudo que e arte em tecidos …. parabens

Alejandro Mendoza says:


Alejandro Mendoza says:

That Child, This Child – Yoshikazu Mera & Natsuko Uchiyama

yo tambien amo esa cancion 🙂

Alejandro Mendoza says:

aqui la tienes, I love it 2 🙂
That Child, This Child – Yoshikazu Mera & Natsuko Uchiyama

miguel martínez says:

¡Amo esa canción! También quisiera saber de quién es.
Anyone knows the name of the songs of this video?

daphne greengrass says:

flaw free. just exquisite.

ejp2424 says:

thank you!

Luis miguel Lopera Salazar says:

Yevgeniya Kedrova (VIVA Models)

ejp2424 says:

can anyone identify the model at 6:57 for me? This is one of my favorite looks out of the collection

mineu100 says:

cual es la canción que sale en el minuto 19:06

soued says:

You’re quite welcome.

soued says:

Absolument vrai!

Adriana Pal says:

absolument merveilleux, fascinant, surprenant… beauté unique.

Vivi Kbyo says:

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arnel asonto says:

the best of dior…..

Alessio Genovese says:

Hairy Diamond – Givin’ Up

Eduardo Maldonado says:

This is great haha love the romantic and red long dress <3

chisovnik says:

Raquel looks unreal at 19:07. I swear, that girl couldn’t take a bad picture if she tried.

tetrulz jam says:

john galliano is a fucking genius!

tetrulz jam says:

those dresses werent made by human.. they bloomed on a tree.

jimmyjk08 says:

Drive by The Cars :)

jimmyjk08 says:

Its This Child, That Child by Yoshikazu Mera

jimmyjk08 says:

Madame Butterfly by Malcolm Maclaren. 

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