♡RAMBLEs & Unboxing Valentines Day Gift: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM♡

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EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION!♡♡♡ hey lovelies! so, here is my unboxing of my Valentines day present!! i talk. and i talk ALOT. lol. im so grateful, and may…

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chris loyalty says:


Kait Nichole says:

Oh My Lanta!!! That bag is beautiful. <3333 That will be perfect for
spring/summer! I've been wanting that bag forever!! You're a lucky girl
Ash!! xoxo

The Vanitydoll says:

Aww Ashley! You are so cute. Your excitement and reaction in this video was
way too cute.

beautybykristy says:

Your reaction is so cute! lol He did a good job picking your Valentine’s
gift! What an amazing husband you have :)

debthemakeupnoob says:

P.S. my husband and I celebrated (apart, thanks Army) our 10 year
anniversary this year. You are right, marriage isn’t easy. But, it’s worth

aaaangelitaaaa says:

Can.you make a video on the ups and downs and how to over come them and
keep the relationship strong please:)
Amazing bag btw !!!!

Karol Romero says:

Do u have any tips on how to avoid or correct the marks that some
sunglasses leave on ur faces after u have been using them for a long period
of times? Anyone ?:) 

Bianca Gantt says:

Can I just speak for everyone when I say congratulations girlfriend!!!!
Being a loyal wife and mom is a tough job at times and you do it with class
and style you more than earned this bag! I’m so glad your back to making
videos regularly we all missed you and I can see the “old happy Ashley”
again:):) With that being said I have one request, can you and the hubs do
another video of you singing and him playing the guitar you have an
incredible voice:) ok I’m done—love and hugs, Bianca

Daria Isaksen says:

Yay, congrats.. I’m gonna get the same one next week for my birthday

LindsayXO XO says:

This is the sweetest video! So happy for you!! 

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

Ashley, you should do a relationship advice video!!! Especially for those
of us in the military lifestyle. 🙂 

Dimah Safar says:

OMG.. I cried while watching the video ❤

Cate Hernandez says:

lmao why was i almost going to cry ? <3

Maha Mohammed says:


Anthony LaPorte says:

you’re so appreciative! defiantly deserve that bag! :)

Shelby Marie says:

Such a cute video! So excited for you!

Steffany Fuchs says:

GORG!! love the bag!!

Nikky Maulupe says:

VLOGGGSSS!! yessss! 

Marnie Velasco says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Your hubby is amazing girl ❤❤❤ so happy for you. 

GiGi Garcia says:

Aww yay you’re so lucky I want that purse in brown congrats girly such a
lucky woman <333

tj gloss says:

Love the bag and I am digging that sweater!!!

ldyxdope says:

whoops I meant has a good personality but lacks character, education etc..
I don’t think that’s your husband. I know he’s the opposite 🙂 I’m just
saying though.. I am happy for you too tho! I am also a military wife!

p orona says:

Congrats Ash, you deserve it. Being a military wife is not easy, I would
know! I’m still waiting on my hubby to get me a LV hahaha . Love it, enjoy

MrsEMoncada says:

It made me so happy to watch you open your gift like a kid on Christmas
morning! Lol
Congrats on the new bag! Your husband is so sweet!!

Eli Martinez says:

Awwww made me tear up because you look so happy & so in Love & it truly
shows…btw that purse is gorgeous & you deserve it hot mama your just as
Amazing & have such a beautiful heart!! God Bless!!!

Alma Najera says:

Awww such a cute video. I was so excited for you 🙂 lol. Congrats on having
a amazing husband and family. 

laura bollinger says:

Not even going to lie… So jealous. Lol

Olivia Koetters says:

can u do a video on y’all’s whole love story?!

jayxonly says:

Love the Louis!!! Beautiful bag, and family.. So excited for you!!!! Have a
fun V-Day!!

JessiiLopez63 says:

Omgee your soo lucky!!! I’ve always want one!! I can’t afford that:(

evel vas says:

I wish U all the best , Ash ♥ I feel so happy with U :)) Take care of
yourself, Guys! :*

Katja Svetlin says:


Maria Brooks says:

Thank you for continuing doing videos! 

coachgirl82 says:

Nice ^_^ I have the never full too..but in the ebene colour :)

Dolores Mitchell says:

Lol lol u crack me up Ashley ur so cute!!! U 2 are so funny!! But most of
all u guys r young, married with a child n take care of each other with
such love n devotion! May u guys have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY DOLL!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Laura Edwards says:

You are super cute, that bag is just gorgeous. Lucky girl :)

Magda Ruiz says:

OMG you’re so GORGEOUS & so cute! ♡♡♡

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