♡CHANEL Large Double Flap Reveal!!!♡

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OPEN ME:. Ahhhhh I finally got my hands on this beaut!! I hope you enjoy this video..let me know if so! If you have horrible, negative comments please go e…

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gold diego says:

where is from your watch ?

Brooklyn Milany says:

Yum ^^”

peacef77 says:

I just subscribed… hope you’ll reach the 100,000 subs soon 🙂 thanks for the review!

Mariana Acuña says:

Hi, i love your bag!! could you link the buyer from ebay? thanks!!

Naa Aa says:

what type of watch are you wearing?

La Petite Cherie says:

I’m not going to tell you how much my jaw dropped when you said how much that bag was in 2003. Talk about a serious set of price increases in the last decade…

mariacharalambous123 says:

What need is there for this? as the cliche goes: you don’t have to watch her videos! she does this for free to entertain people, you don’t have to pay to watch! If your face was on your thumbnail and your name you wouldnt dare write a nasty comment you’d be too frightened too. There was a recent news case of a girl who committed suicide over negative onomimous comments towards her through a social networking site, think twice before leaving hateful words to lovely enough people!

A Bor says:

Ally, I love your room design 🙂 And your video of course.

A Bor says:

Ally, I love your room design 🙂 And your video of course.

hausofkait says:

Great video! What nail polish are you wearing? It looks like mine.. Essie bikini so teeny xoxo

php8282jpn says:

I superlike the color of your Chanel…

Shellyoxx says:

Hi are you selling any of your Louis Vuitton handbags ? Also I’m interested in a Louis Vuitton shawl ? I remember you having one! :))

Iman A says:

Can u Please make à video on how to save up for lux handbags u are rly good at it and i am struggling in that area so i would love ur advice

mary ayodej says:

Hi ally, which ebay seller did you use?

Saffy1975 says:

Hi do authenticate lv’s? There is a bag on you tube but want to make sure it’s authentic . If you charge a fee that’s fine. Thx

dawndelrusso says:

the bag is stunning and great authenticity tips 🙂 just found you!

bootygirl48 says:

Just wondering if our still selling any of your LV bags? Tried Instagram but did nt find the post. Thanks

Ally Valentine says:

Oh I will do :) Thanks for watching!

Ally Valentine says:

Oh good I’m glad you did! Its super hard to find good info on these kind of things!

Ally Valentine says:


Ally Valentine says:

oooo you lucky thing!! Yea it is quite small but I think thats what I like about it! 🙂

Ally Valentine says:

ME TOO!! hehe

Ally Valentine says:

Thank you doll!

Ally Valentine says:

oooo I’ll take a look thank you!

Ally Valentine says:

I’ve always sold mine on ebay, make sure you ahev all the stuff it came with ie/ receipts, dust bags etc and then I think you should be fine!

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